A downloadable passion_fruit for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Passion: Fruit is an action-platformer in which you guide Kahili, our pink-haired protagonist, on her journey. She  wanders around the clearing of this country to discover the most delicious fruits that any human being could wish for. She will encounter increasingly difficult obstacles, enemies and challenges, and she will make a bitter discovery about her loot... she will have to donate it to the terrifying monster of the forest to be able to move on and finally return to the village safe and sound.

Overcome obstacles and defeat enemies, but don't forget to collect and combine fruit according to the recipe of the day, or you will find the way to the new stage blocked.

Sadly, we managed to complete only 4 levels; also, we originally planned to add more cool stuff (lasers, bats, rolling blades, explosions, ...) but we ran out of time. There is no ending screen either, the game just loops around.

Keyboard controls:

  • ARROWS → move
  • Z → jump
  • X → attack
  • SPACEBAR → open recipe panel
  • ESC → pause

Joypad controls:

  • ARROWS → move
  • A → jump
  • X → attack
  • SELECT open recipe panel
  • START → pause



passion_fruit_windows.zip 34 MB
passion_fruit_mac.zip 48 MB
passion_fruit_linux.zip 35 MB


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This was a really fun game. I liked the concept of gathering the different ingredients to feed the monster so you can progress.

Thank you for playing and making video commentary! We're definitely adding new levels and stuff...

Hi, I've been speedrunning your game and found a minor glitch I wanted to shared. On level 4, I gathered all the ingredients but didn't walk through the portal. When I exit to main menu and hit "start game" it puts me right back in level 4.

Haven't done extensive testing, but I wanted to share my findings!

Video coming soon btw ;)

Nice graphics!